Code of Conduct

SHOW RESPECT: we’re in this together

The actions of any kiter affects the reputation of all the kiters.

In order to kite in all the best spots of the Pisa mountains, all the kiters need the ongoing goodwill of Robrosa Station, Snow Farm and Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds.

This code of conduct applies to all SSKA members as stated in the Rules of the association and non members are strongly encouraged to follow it for the good of our sport.

This code should be read in conjunction with the access maps and information provided on this site.

The road

Robrosa Station

  • Only SSKA members who are paid up for the Robrosa Station access membership option may access Robrosa Station for snowkiting.
  • All huts on Robrosa Station are private and not for use by SSKA members.
  • Read and obey the SSKA signage on entering Robrosa land.
  • Do not enter Robrosa land if closed (notified via email/signage at entry).
  • Hazards, both marked and unmarked, exist on this area (fences, rocks, wires and more).
  • As a member you agree that when using Robrosa Staton land, Robrosa Staton is not liable for death/injury to yourself or loss/damage to your personal property.
  • No commercial activity (including but not limited to, instruction & guiding) is permitted via the SSKA members’ access to Robrosa Station.
  • No dogs allowed on Robrosa Station.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Do not disturb any stock.

Snow Farm

  • Do not kite on Snow Farm land. (This includes the enticing looking ‘Tranquility basin’ between Musterers and Bob Lee Hut!)
  • Bob Lee, Daisy Lee, Meadow and Musterers huts are on Snow Farm land and are not to be used unless you have a valid Snow Farm pass.
  • Only use toilets at Snow Farm base building and the DOC’s Kirtle Burn hut.
  • If you wish to access kiting areas via Snow Farm tracks, you MUST have a valid Snow Farm pass.
  • Obey signage and use the established route if you wish to use the agreed public access through Snow Farm to access the DOC conservation area.

Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds

  • Do not enter SHPG property.
  • Follow all SHPGH procedures, signage and staff requests when using the easement through SHPG to the Pisa Conservation Area.


  • Take all rubbish home.
  • Know your abilities as a snow kiter and kite within your limits. 
  • Carry back country gear for the conditions.
  • Be respectful of all snow users.
  • Know the current access information and study the relevant maps.
  • If you aren’t sure of anything, please ask the

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