Code of Conduct

The actions of members affect the reputation of the association. Hence your actions may affect the continued access to Robrosa Station.

This code of conduct applies to all SSKA members as stated in the Rules of the association:

  • Only current financial members may access Robrosa Station for snow kiting.
  • Know your abilities as a snow kiter and kite within your limits. 
  • Carry back country gear for the conditions.
  • Be respectful of all snow users.
  • Pay the SPHG road toll and display the ticket in your vehicle window (SPHG office, Upstairs bar or honesty box) when you use the road to access the carpark (unless you have a Snow Farm  or SHPG  (Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds) annual pass).
  • Park as instructed by SnowFarm or SHPG staff.
  • Only use toilets at Snow Farm base building and Kirtle burn hut.
  • Bob/Daisy Lee huts are on Snow Farm land and are not to be used unless you have a valid Snow Farm pass.
  • If you wish to access kiting areas via SnowFarm tracks, you MUST have a valid Snow Farm pass.
  • All huts on Robrosa Station are private.
  • Generally, obey all SSKA, SPHG, Robrosa and SnowFarm signage:
    • Read and obey the SSKA signage on entering Robrosa land.
    • Do not enter Robrosa land if closed (notified via email/signage at entry).
    • Do not enter SHPG property.
    • Obey the rules and signage and use the established route if you wish to use the easement through SnowFarm or the SHPG to access the DOC conservation area.
  • No commercial activity (including but not limited to, instruction & guiding) is permitted via the SSKA members’ access to Robrosa Station.
  • Take all rubbish home.
  • No dogs allowed on Robrosa Station.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Do not disturb stock.

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