SSKA Membership Application


You can join the SSKA online and go kiting straight away!

  • STEP 1 – Understand the access arrangements and agree code of conduct
  • STEP 2 – Pay your membership fee with a credit card
  • STEP 3 – Shred the ‘pow

STEP 1 – Understand the access arrangements and agree to the code of conduct


Read and understand the access information on this site. This area is a little tricky to understand at first; if you aren’t sure please look for advice through the local kiting community on the Southern Lakes Snow Kiters Facebook group or contact the SSKA directly.


Read and agree to the SSKA code of conduct: these are in place to ensure the privilege of access is preserved, respect them!

STEP 2 – Pay your membership fees with a credit card

All payments are processed securely via our STRIPE payment gateway.

One-off joining fee for new members

This is a once a lifetime fee for joining SSKA. If you’ve ever paid to be a member of SSKA before, you can skip this part.

After paying your joining fee you can select from the membership options below. We’re a small club, so we’ll notice new people who haven’t paid their joining fee ;0) Don’t worry, the existing members have all contributed financially to the club and we aim to keep fees as low as possible, whilst covering expenses.

Annual membership options for new and renewing members

Each option renews your SSKA membership for the current winter season.

  • The season is defined as “whenever there is enough snow to kite

After paying, you’ll automatically be re-directed to a google form to collect your details, subject to our privacy policy:

  • We’ll only collect what we need to operate the club and will not disclose the information to anyone other than Snow Farm, Robrosa Station or SHPG for the purposes of verifying that an individual is a current SSKA Member.

Want both options? Sorry, but you’ll have to pay for and sign up to each, one at a time…

STEP 3 – Shred the ‘pow

Keep your payment receipt and your email confirmation to show anyone who might ask to see proof of membership, then go shred the ‘pow and respect the code of conduct….

Any questions please contact us at

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