April 2020 Season Update

An update on the AGM timings / agenda and to let you know what information we have about the upcoming season.

Our AGM this year is currently scheduled to be at the Cardrona Hotel on 04 May. This won’t be happening due to the inability to gather with government restrictions. We still don’t know much about access to the Pisa Range yet, and it makes sense to delay the AGM until we can talk about more up to date information.

So please scratch the current AGM dates, and we will probably look at having a virtual AGM Zoom meeting at a date & time yet to be announced.

There are potentially other things that people want to discuss at the AGM. If so, please email or contact Andy Vause or use the contact form on this website to have the item(s) added to the agenda.

NOTE: a videoconference is not the place for protracted discussions. Time is limited and it is not a great method of communication. Please remember that we are here to go snow kiting, so please keep it simple and restrict discussion to core items that will affect our ability to kite this coming season. Feel free to approach anyone on the committee directly with minor items that we can deal with outside of the AGM (eg content on the website etc)

INFORMATION ON THE UPCOMING SEASON: (from what information we currently have)

1. Simon has spoken to Jane at Robrosa Station. They are happy for us to use their land again on the same terms as last season. This means kiters wanting to access Robrosa Station (all the terrain in front of the carpark and to the north of the Snow Farm area as far as Mt Pisa) will need to join the Southern Snow Kiters Club before going kiting. The fee remains the same, $120, of which $100 goes to Robrosa Station. 
2. We have heard that the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground (SHPG) will not be opening this season. They are responsible for the up-keep and grading of the access road. 
3. We do not know if the Snow Farm nordic ski area is going to open this year.
4. We do not know if the access road up to the Snow Farm will be open this year. There is a chance that the various risk-averse parties in charge of the road may decide that it must remain closed if no one is maintaining it.
5. Robrosa realise that we may not have access to the range and understand that if this happens, no fees will be collected and passed on to them.

So, as you can see, we know a little but not much. Hence our decision to delay the AGM until more info is known. There is a chance that we will not have access to the Pisa Range this year via the Snow Farm road. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that the government regulations in force at the time let us kite at other sites such as the Old Woman, Old Man etc.

Expect a futher update once we know more.

Southern Snow Kiters Association Committee

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