July 2020 Update

Another storm has just blanketed Robrosa with a healthy snow coverage that will set up the area for great kiting through until Spring. Many if not all of you have already been out there enjoying , at times, optimal conditions. It’s been great to see an uptake of memberships and welcome to all new members. If you are a new member do introduce yourself to other kiters, either in the car park or out on the terrain. It’s hard to recognise who’s who out there so please excuse any perceived snubbing.

Watch this space for a coming Member Only social event. It’s in the capable hands of committee member David Gillespie and if it’s anything like his kiting it’ll be a full on, fun occasion at full throttle, which is better than the alternative of “not getting off the ground” which he’s also known for.

Inaugural SSKA President Bryan Moore has retired from the Executive and we thank him for his leadership, dedication and the direction he provided when SSKA was in its infancy. Due to Covid the selection of the executive was delayed until July 14. The newly elected President is Dean Bell while all other committee members have returned to the Executive.

Our “Great Sign” of 12 months in the making is due to be in place by the end of this week, fulfilling our commitment to Robrosa Station and making it obvious to anyone eyeing up Robrosa land, the requirement for membership to access.

Enjoy your time on the snow and hope to see you out there.

Best ,

The Big Dog!

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