June 2020 Update

Hi all,

With the first snow fall of winter having arrived we are not far away from Snow Kiting.

The Southern Snow Kiters Association held its Annual General Meeting online in May. Please refer to the meeting minutes located here to bring you up to speed on the clubs activities.

It was decided by those present at the meeting that the election of the executive would be delayed until we can meet in person. Now that we can meet in person, we will hold a Special General Meeting for the club at the Cardrona Hotel on the 14th of July at 1800hrs.

The current President of the club, Bryan Moore has indicated his intention to step down at the SGM. So we are looking for interested persons who would like to step up into this role to help drive the club forward.

If you would like to become more involved in the club then please come along.

Applications to join the club are now open. Please fill out this form located here and send in completed forms to southernsnowkitersclub@gmail.com for processing. Payment details are located on the form.

The membership fee has remained at $120 per person for the full season and grants you the ability to use the Robrosa Station land for non commercial Snow Kiting access this winter. Please remember you need to pay for the use of the road on top of this fee.


Andy Vause

SSKA Secretary

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