Road Access Winter 2021

SSKA have negotiated a road access arrangement for Winter 2021 with SHPG for its members.

Paying of the road toll is compulsory as per our arrangement with Rob Rosa. Members now have three options to choose from to pay for road access and are free to choose which option suits their needs best.

1. Daily Road Toll of $20 per vehicle payable to either SHPG office or by honesty box at DoC access site.

2. Snow Farm Pass. The season pass permits road usage for the pass holder only during the Snow Farm season. Up until Dec 13, 2020 an early bird Snow Farm Season Pass is $149.

3. Winter Road Toll Pass. As negotiated with SHPG, $80 per pass which permits road usage from when kiteable snow is present on the Pisa Range until it disappears. This pass is independent of Snow Farm and infers no right of access to any part of the Snow Farm. The $80 fee is to be paid as an additional charge with your membership subscription to SSKA. The membership renewal form will include this as an option for you to choose.

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