Southern Snow Kiters Association AGM & Executive Report May 2021

The Annual General Meeting for the SSKA has been scheduled for the 24th of May and is to be held at the Cardrona Hotel (out the back in the garden) starting at 1900hrs.

Please email for any calls for motions and or recommendations. These are to be received prior to the 10th of May so notification to members can be made as per our constitution.

In order for the association to continue to performs its functions representing Snow Kite users, we do require members to stand for positions on the committee. If you are interested please contact us for more information. We also require members to be present at the meeting (if you live in the area) in order to pass motions and make changes as required.

Executive Report 2020-2021

As President, I’d like to thank all members for the dedication they’ve shown to Snow Kiting on Rob Rosa Station. For such a niche sport our membership is currently at a somewhat healthy 53 after 2 years of existence.

We have fulfilled our agreement with Robrosa in erecting THE SIGN. A behemoth of steel manufacturing made by the most capable Hamish Emerson. Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds provided the concrete blocks to anchor it and members Joel Hanlon, Diane Dargent and John Petch provided their expertise in its erecting.

It provides all relevant information for Snow Kiting on both Robrosa and the Pisa Conservation area. Snow Farm will no longer have to field questions and can just direct all kiters to the sign.

SSKA Treasurer, Simon Moses, has informed that all dues to Robrosa have been paid.

With Membership subs at $120 for the past two years, the additional $20 administration component over and above the $100 Robrosa access fee has provided sufficient funds to get the association up and functioning. Moving forward there will be very little cost outside of maintaining the website so I’ll be recommending at the AGM a decrease or change in how that administration fee is structured. Simon is still to negotiate with Robrosa their access fee for the coming season so we are hoping to inform members of this year’s subscription fee by the AGM.

We have negotiated a winter road toll access fee with Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds of $80 per vehicle. It is valid from when kiteable snow exists to when it disappears on the Pisa Range. For those wanting to purchase this, there will be an option to include when paying your SSKA subs. Note: A Snow Farm Season Pass includes road toll during their season.

Andy Vause is the one Executive member doing the majority of the work. As secretary and membership portfolio holder he is the guy that deals with the day to day running of SSKA. Without Andy’s dedication, we’d not exist, so I’d like to personally thank him and acknowledge his input over the past year.

Also a shout out to Joel and Kat who became our defacto compliance officers. An undesired role but invaluable, so thank you both.

On a more sombre note, I sense the SSKA will come to a crossroads very soon. As good as the initial intentions were, being an Association has its benefits but, the requirements of being under the Incorporated Societies Act is proving to be overly burdensome. The appetite in the Executive for such a workload is low, understandably so, given we are a group that are banded together solely to pay for access to leasehold land.  A simple unincorporated club may be the way forward but that is something for the membership to discuss and decide upon in the future.

With the AGM coming up on May 24 I encourage all members to consider standing for the Executive, including that of President. Engaged members are critical for the well-being of any club.
I look forward to seeing you then as well as up the hill in deep POW this coming season,

Warm Regards

Dean Bell

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